Meet Kailyn — Stroke at Age 18 months

Kailyn had a stroke when she was 1.5 years old. It was caused by a virus making a blood clot. The blood clot was so large it cut off circulation to her arm and eventually had her fingers amputated. Her stroke diagnosis was delayed by 48 hours and was only discovered by a CT scan because it was thought she had meningitis. She had several brain surgeries to stop the swelling and remove the clot that traveled to her brain. Kailyn has made a remarkable recovery and is able to do everything children her age do. We are one of the lucky families and are so grateful for her. She had a 2% chance of survival and if she did survive her quality of life was in question. She has proven what a fighter she is and never gives up! If she wants to do something, she doesn’t stop till she can do it!

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