We thank the organizations listed below for helping extend our reach worldwide. If you would like to suggest an organization to be included in this list, please contact us.

American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association (ASA, AHA)
USA, all states
The ASA has a specific page of information for Stroke in Children
Raise awareness: connect with an AHA rep in your area; join a Heart Walk team (or form your own team); join You’re the Cure

Asociación de Hemiparesia Infantil “Hemiweb”
Barcelona, Spain
Offers support, hope, and shares information and guidance to the resources that can be useful for families of children with hemiplegia.

Association Hemiparesie
Bourgogne, France
Improve the daily life of children with hemiplegia, through play and sports activities, exchanges, and support.

Bellaflies Foundation
USA, Arkansas and Illinois
The foundation raises awareness, funds research and education, and provides support to local children’s hospitals for pediatric stroke.

The Brain Recovery Project
The website has research-based, reliable information to help parents and caregivers understand when a child’s seizures are drug resistant. They explain the risks and dangers of seizures and help families weigh the pros and cons of the various brain surgeries to stop them. BRP hosts the Global Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Registry. The main purpose of the registry is to gather information that can be used to understand the developmental trajectory after epilepsy surgery.

Calgary Pediatric Stroke Program (CPSP), Pediatric Stroke Peer Group
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
This group serves the youth of Calgary and Southern Alberta between 10 – 17 years of age who have experienced a perinatal or childhood stroke.

Calgary Pediatric Stroke Program (CPSP), Perinatal Stroke Parent Support Group
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Social support, educational information, and community resources for parents with a child who has suffered a perinatal stroke.

Canadian Pediatric Stroke Support Association (CPSSA)
Ontario, Canada
CPSSA is a joint effort between clinicians and families to build communication for research, awareness, and support.

Child Neurology Foundation, Family Support and Empowerment Program, (FSEP)
Online support
Connect with Peer Support Specialists who will listen and help navigate the journey of disease diagnosis, treatment, and management for a child living with a neurologic condition.
The CNF Childhood Stroke and Perinatal Stroke pages are perfect as a starting point for finding information, resources and clinical trials.

Children’s Stroke Program at the Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Children’s Stroke Program provides care in the hospital and throughout patient clinics for patients with stroke and their families. They host a Family Stroke Day every 2 years to give families followed by their program a chance to meet, learn about new research, and ask questions of the experts.

Colorado Pediatric Stroke: Parent Support Group (CPSPSG)
Denver, Colorado area and surrounding areas
Local monthly support group meetings and other events. Group provides proactive involvement with the community to advocate and educate about the signs, symptoms and effects of pediatric stroke.

Fight the Stroke
Milan, Italy
Shares knowledge, raises awareness and advances research for pediatric stroke.

Heart and Stroke Foundation; Foundation des maladies du Coeur et de l’AVC
Heart and Stroke Foundation is a charity promoting healthy living, advocating for eliminating heart disease and stroke and the advancement of research. Affiliated with many hospitals throughout Canada and with Canadian Stroke Best Practice.

United Kingdom
For children and young people with hemiplegia and their families. Information, local support groups, conferences, events, and an online forum.

I Am Jayden Foundation
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
I Am Jayden Foundation’s mission is to spread awareness about pediatric stroke. An annual “I Am Jayden Night” is held at the Pelicans Baseball Stadium in Myrtle Beach, SC.

International Pediatric Stroke Organization (IPSO)
Health Professional Organization/Worldwide
IPSO is a non-profit organization of professionals dedicated to pediatric stroke and cerebrovascular disease. Currently, they include physicians, surgeons, psychologists, nurses, therapists, and scientists. IPSO will disseminate knowledge and best practices to first-line medical providers for the wider benefit of children with stroke worldwide. Throughout, IPSO will engage affected families to set priorities and advocate for children at risk for stroke or afflicted by stroke.

KISS Pediatric Stroke Facebook group
Online support
Facebook community for parents and families of children who have had a pediatric stroke, as well as young adults who had a stroke as a baby or child. It is a safe, welcoming group that is closed to the public to protect the privacy of the members.

Laney Jaymes Foundation
Founded in 2017, the Laney Jaymes Foundation for Pediatric Stroke (LJFPS) was formed in honor of Lelaina Jaymes “Laney” Fitzsimons, who passed away on March 27, 2017. LJFPS is dedicated to expanding awareness of pediatric stroke as well as raising funds for the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases that cause pediatric stroke. Laney Jaymes Foundation Facebook group.

Little Stroke Warriors
Online support, Australia
Facebook community whose mission is to provide support and resources to parents, carers and educators (plus other interested parties) of children who are battling the effects of paediatric stroke. They are affiliated with the Stroke Foundation Australia, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr. Mark Mackay and Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service.

Pediatric Stroke Parent Support Group
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Pediatric Stroke Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) offers pediatric stroke awareness through their extensive family support program. They provide a multidisciplinary team approach in a hospital setting. The pediatric stroke program includes community outreach, meetings/conferences, assistance with the child’s education plan and quarterly newsletters.

Teen Neuro-Rehab Support Group
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This group through the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) provides support to teens and young adults (ages 13-21) with acquired brain injuries (including traumatic brain injury and stroke).

The Stroke Association, Childhood Stroke division
United Kingdom
Provides family support and events, information, toolkits, and multiple resources.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Strokidz provides support and information to stroke survivors and their parents. Offers awareness opportunities and social functions.

World Pediatric Stroke Association (formerly Brendon’s Smile)
St. Louis, Missouri
Sponsors the “Annual Brendon’s Smile Foundation Lecture” at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO to educate the medical community about pediatric stroke. Raises awareness with the World Pediatric Stroke Awareness Week in May.