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April 2024, Issue 30 We are excited to announce our 2024 Stroke Awareness Campaign
December 2023, Issue 30 2023 has been a great year–because of your support!
October 2023, Issue 29 What’s new in the pediatric stroke community
June 2023, Issue 28 Here’s what happened during Stroke Awareness Month, and Research opportunities
April 2023 Issue 27 Announcing the 2023 Stroke Awareness Campaign, plus News you can use
November 2022 Issue 26 We are grateful to you and news you can use.
June 2022 Issue 25 Thank you to the Pediatric Stroke Community!
April 2022 Issue 24 Are you ready to raise awareness for May 2022?
January 2022 Issue 23 Back by Popular Demand: Printed copies of our Tool Kit!
December 2021 Issue 22 Our Highlights of 2021
October 2021 Issue 21 Honoring our Pediatric Stroke Superheroes for World Stroke Day
April 2021 Issue 20 May is Stroke Awareness Month
March 2021 Issue 19 Now Available: Pediatric Stroke Family Tool Kit!
December 2020 Issue 18 Thank you and what’s in store for 2021 — NEW IAPS Support Network
July 2020 Issue 17 A Thank You to Pediatric Stroke Warriors
April 2020 Issue 16 Share Your Insight with the NINDS — ends June 15, 2020
January 2020 Issue 15 Who is Your Stroke Hero?
October 2019 Issue 14 World Stroke Day is October 29, 2019 Think Stroke … At Any Age
April 2019 Issue 13 May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month 
February 2019 Issue 12 New Publication from the American Heart Association
October 2018 Issue 11 Mark Your Calendars for World Stroke Day
August 2018 Issue 10 Here’s What We’ve Been Up To
June 2018 Issue 9 Thank You for Making May Matter for Pediatric Stroke
April 2018 Issue 8 Here’s how you can raise awareness for Pediatric Stroke in May
December 2017 Issue 7 End of Year News from IAPS
September 2017 Issue 6 World Stroke Day is October 29, 2017
April 2017 Issue 5 May is Stroke Awareness Month
October 2016 Issue 4 The latest Pediatric Stroke News and Awareness events
June 2016 Issue 3 Awareness of Pediatric Stroke is growing. Here are resources you can share…
May 2016 Special Edition Here’s how YOU can continue to raise awareness….
April 2016 Issue 1 May is Stroke Awareness Month