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You can help by joining IAPS in our worldwide effort to advance education, awareness, and research to help the youngest stroke patients survive and thrive. Please consider helping in many ways: Follow & Share, Raise Awareness, Donate, Advocate, Advance Research, Connect Us, and more…

Participate In Our 2024 Awareness Campaign

  • Help Grow Awareness for Pediatric Stroke by sharing your Rooted in Resilience example.           
  • What does RESILIENCE means to you or what does resilience looks like in your child?
  • For older children, teens, and adults who had a stroke as a child, what is your example of RESILIENCE?
  • We invite you to send us one or two sentences, along with a photo and a first name and last initial.
  • Please send to 
  • We will post these throughout the month of May on our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn). At the end of May we will compile these all together and put them in a video to post on our YouTube channel.
  • We look forward to hearing from our pediatric stroke community!

Follow & Share

Raise Awareness

  • Share our fact sheets and website with: family, friends, co-workers, teachers, coaches, school nurses, firemen, police, paramedics, hospitals, healthcare providers and anyone that should know about strokes in children.
  • Place fact sheets in medical offices/on bulletin boards
  • Pass along the newest Scientific Statement on pediatric stroke


  • Individual donations are welcomed in any amount
  • Use Facebook to create a birthday fundraiser for us!
  • Create a fundraising team event
  • Corporate sponsors are encouraged
  • We are continually seeking grant opportunities


Advance Research

Connect Us To:

  • Medical conferences for presenting
  • Leading medical associations for education opportunities
  • Funding opportunities for grants and research
  • Community or online organizations