Meet Marcy — Stroke at age 16

From Madeline’s Mom, Marcy:

Madeline, 16 years old at time of stroke, now in her 20s

My top suggestions:

1- Find a community- you will probably need to search online. You need to find others who have walked this journey and are on a similar path. The doctors who saved our kid’s lives don’t have the resources for long term recovery. They just haven’t dealt with a lot of kids yet. Once you realize you are not alone it changes everything!!

2- Always be the momma bear and question everything!!! Especially when your child returns to school- don’t just take what they offer. Most schools are not equipped to deal with the needs your child may have post stroke. This is where the community becomes helpful. You may need to hire an advocate to help you through the school years.

3- Stroke recovery is measured in years, not months.

Most importantly- don’t put time lines on what you hope for. Our kids can’t make those normal milestones. Each path is unique.

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