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Was there a delay in diagnosing your child’s stroke? 

Are you willing to share your story for the 2017 Pediatric Stroke Awareness Campaign?

Then we want to hear from you!

You may remember that for last year’s Pediatric Stroke Awareness Campaign we posted a story each day in May of children who had been impacted by stroke. For this year’s Pediatric Stroke Awareness campaign, the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke is again spearheading the campaign and uniting organizations worldwide to support and promote the 2017 BE FAST for KIDS campaign.
One of the pages for this year’s campaign will be themed “BE A VOICE FOR PEDIATRIC STROKE”. We would like to share a story each day of an infant, child or teen whose stroke diagnosis was delayed or misdiagnosed. Your child’s story can have a powerful message that will highlight the importance of recognizing strokes in the pediatric population as quickly as possible. These stories could be the impetus to change the way the general public and the medical community views stroke. Describing your child's experience and signs and symptoms could even save a life!
If you would like to share your child’s story, we are asking that you write a short narrative about your child’s experience.
Was your baby’s perinatal stroke not discovered until months or years after birth?
Did you have to make multiple trips to the emergency department before your child was given imaging?
Was your child sent home with migraine medications without anyone checking for stroke?
We can do some light editing before publishing it on the campaign website, so please don’t think you have to be a novelist to submit a story.
Here is what we need from you:
1. Write up the details of your child’s story. What signs you noticed, what actions you took, what medical help was received, what you experienced, what your child’s outcome was and any advice you want to share with others about recognizing the signs of stroke in a child.
Please include a general location (state/country/province), but we would like to avoid actual hospital or facility names. We want to highlight that this is happening but not call out specific medical facilities. You can send it in as an attachment or just text in the email.
2. Email it to Mary Kay Ballasiotes at info@iapediatricstroke.org
3. After we receive it and edit it, we will send you a release form allowing us to post it on the campaign website.
4. We would like to include a photo of your child, so please submit that as well.
These stories will be published on our campaign website united4pediatricstroke.org in May and privacy is important to us, therefore we will only be sharing first names. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
We know sharing your personal story of how stroke impacted your child, can indeed be difficult. However, we encourage sharing, because it is through these real-life stories that we can continue to create awareness. Thank you for "BEING A VOICE" for pediatric stroke!