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New groundbreaking text book on pediatric stroke rehabilitation, Pediatric Stroke Rehabilitation: An Interprofessional and Collaborative Approach!
The book is designed to enhance the practice of all health care providers, enrich discussion, and emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of managing best outcomes for a child who has had a stroke. Evidence-based practice is threaded throughout the text with an emphasis on recovery vs. compensation, goal achievement, and outcome measurement. Two International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke board members are contributing authors, Dr. Adam Kirton and Mary Kay Ballasiotes.
The first section reviews the medical fundamentals, covering all major types of strokes. The second section of Pediatric Stroke Rehabilitation focuses on the core of the matter, rehabilitation. The final section expands the understanding of the child’s recovery to the family, community, and school environment. 
Pediatric Stroke Rehabilitation: An Interprofessional and Collaborative Approach is an interdisciplinary and invaluable resource for students and clinicians to understand and apply effective evidence-based practice and treatment approaches for childhood stroke. The text will also be of interest to healthcare professionals, specifically physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, physicians, neuropsychologists, nurses, and educators, who work with children who have experienced a stroke. 
Parents, caregivers and family members of children who have had a stroke will also find this book to be a valuable resource. The publishers, SLACK Inc., have agreed to offer a discount to families who would like to purchase the book. Here are the details:
URL: www.healio.com/books/pedstroke

Promo Code: PSR17

The promo code will take 20% off the retail price. The promo code is only valid on the healio website or by calling the customer service department at 1-800-257-8290.