What's New
We are pleased to announce that the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke founder and executive director, Mary Kay Ballasiotes, has been elected to the World Stroke Organization's board of directors for a two year term! The World Stroke Organization (WSO) is the world’s leading organization in the fight against stroke. It was established in October 2006 through the merger of the International Stroke Society and the World Stroke Federation with the purpose of creating one world voice for stroke. We are encouraged that with a representative specifically from a pediatric stroke organization, we will be including the pediatric voice to the global agenda. 
One of our board members, Dr. Patrice Lindsey, who is Director of Stroke, at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, has been a WSO board member for the past few years. Up until now, Dr. Lindsey has been the only advocate on the WSO board speaking out on behalf of children. With the addition of Ms. Ballasiotes, we will have an even greater ability to include children in the WSO mission to reduce the global burden of stroke through prevention, treatment and long term care.  
The WSO board members will be meeting in Montreal, Canada on October 16th, ahead of the 11th World Stroke Congress which is October 17 - 20, 2018. Dr. Adam Kirton, another of our IAPS board members, will be giving a presentation on pediatric stroke at the Congress. 
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