Paisley's Purpose, facebook group
Greater Nashville, Tennessee area support group, online resources and Facebook group, Moms of Pediatric Stroke Survivors
The mission of Paisley's Purpose is to raise pediatric stroke awareness by educating others about strokes. The website includes a collection of facts, types of medical specialists, and medical terms compiled from other websites. Families can read Paisley's Journey to learn more about what she and her family have experienced. The website also includes a list of some national and state resources.
The Greater Nashville, Tennessee area support group meet a few times a year to share information and their experiences of raising a child with special needs. Connecting face to face with other families is a valuable and needed resource.
The Moms of Pediatric Stroke Survivor Facebook group is the online local support group for Moms who live in or around the Nashville, TN area. (Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Upstate AL, lower KY).