Kids and Strokes -- Are They Little Adults After All?
This blog post correlates nicely with the "Rapid response to kids' stroke symptoms..." article below.
Sick Before Their Time When diseases that typically occur in adults affect children, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can be daunting. Advice from families, patients, and other experts can ease the journey. From Neurology Now, June/July 2016
Why Pediatric Stroke Demands More Attention written by IAPS board members Mary Kay Ballasiotes and Amy Share
One Young Girl's Story Highlights the Importance of Understanding Pediatric Stroke  written by IAPS board members Mary Kay Ballasiotes and Amy Share
Electrical Stimulation Promising for Motor Function in Kids from IAPS Board Member Dr. Adam Kirton
Research study from Boston Children's Hospital presented at the 2015 International Stroke Conference. 
Podcast with Dr. Gabrielle deVeber  
Discussion on "Pediatric stroke: pressing issues and promising directions".
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This World Stroke Day, Know That Kids and Teens Can Be Stricken, Too -- Like Vandna October 29, 2014 article from American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown. 
New Colorado Center treats the youngest stroke victims A radio interview with Dr. Tim Bernard and Trevor Ewert, father of a young boy who suffered his first stroke at age 3. 

Babies brains to be mapped in the womb and after birth UK scientists have embarked on a six-year project to map how nerve connections develop in babies' brains while still in the womb and after birth.

Pediatric Stroke Often Misdiagnosed, Treatment Delayed

Seizures Common in Pediatric Stroke

Indirect Costs High After Pediatric Stroke

NIH geneticist's hunch leads to diagnosis for a young stroke patient (scroll down to the second article)

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