Laney Jaymes Foundation,
Odenton, Maryland (local and online)
Founded in 2017, the Laney Jaymes Foundation for Pediatric Stroke (LJFPS) was formed in honor of Lelaina Jaymes “Laney” Fitzsimons, who passed away on March 27, 2017. In May 2016 with no prior signals of neurological disease, Laney started having mini-strokes due to an extremely rare and aggressive vascular condition affecting the brain. These were misdiagnosed as seizures and she was treated for epilepsy. Just two weeks after the first mini-stroke, Laney had her first of many massive strokes. 
LJFPS is dedicated to expanding awareness of pediatric stroke as well as raising funds for the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases that cause pediatric stroke. 
Other areas of focus for LJFPS are to fund research focused on obtaining equivalent results of MRI in children without the use of sedation, as well as providing grants for equipment for special needs children. 
Please see the Laney Jaymes Foundation Facebook page for more information