Powerhouse Therapy, CIMT constrainttherapy.com, Powerhouse flyer June 3rd - 28th, 2019 and July 8th - July 26th 2019
Atlanta area, now in two locations. Also offering summer group sessions and individualized programs throughout the year.
Ages 1 to 16 years
For more information contact Charlene Kurkjian, charkurk@gmail.com or call 404-933-9869
Powerhouse Therapy provides constraint-induced movement therapy and Bimanual Therapy for children with upper extremity weakness/Hemiplegia. Children participate in individual intensive 4-week sessions.
The CI therapy protocol consists of 3 main elements:
1. Repetitive, task-oriented training of the more impaired upper extremity for several hours a day for 20 consecutive weekdays.
2. Applying a "transfer package" of adherence-enhancing behavioral methods designed to transfer gains made in the clinical setting to the patients' real world environments.
3. Constraining the child with a removable arm cast on the less impaired upper extremity in order to use/train the more impaired upper extremity during the course of treatment.
The CIMT is run by skilled occupational therapists trained in CIMT.