Camp Helping Hands, Camp brochure, Helping Hands House, July 1st to July 26th and July 29th to August 23rd, 2019
31 Fairfield Ave
West Caldwell, NJ
Ages 18 months to 18 years, however please contact us for information about our individualized programs for younger than 18 months and our teenagers/young adults program for 18 years old and above.
For more information contact Scott Matthews, or 973-771-1582
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Camp Helping Hands is an intensive occupational therapy program providing constraint-induced movement therapy and bimanual therapy for children with hemiplegia/hemiparesis. We can now provide full-time speech and physical therapy services at our therapy center located in West Caldwell, NJ! This allows us to fully-integrate those services into our traditional, summer Camp Helping Hands, CIMT model, and help maximize camp time to address as many, if not all, of a child’s therapy needs. Our speech and physical therapists will also serve as additional resources for our families during their time at camp.
Camp Helping Hands is offered during the summer months of July and August. Each 4-week camp can be individualized to meet a child’s therapy goals as well as customized to meet a child’s time in therapy based on their age and tolerance to therapy.
In addition to our expanding therapy services, we now offer on-site accommodations for families on a first come, first serve basis who attend our Helping Hands programs. Housing and therapy programs are now available throughout the year. Families come from around the country as well as internationally for our intensive therapy programs and can now live on site for the 4 weeks their child receives our services. We are able to provide not only intensive therapy services for children, but also valuable networking opportunities and resources for parents.
We are continuing to offer:
Mini Camp Helping Hands which is a program for children with hemiplegia ages 3 years old and younger.
Our Individualized Intensity Program (IIP) is now offered the other 10 months out of the year AND living accommodations for the family can also be provided on site in our Helping Hands House. Click here for more information.
Intensive Therapeutics, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. We offer sliding scale fees as well as scholarships for the summer programs. We have also been increasingly successful with getting our programs authorized by insurance companies. We have also had much recent success with the families’ school district to pay for services (we can truly work on most, if not all of a child’s IEP goals).