About the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke

The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke (IAPS) was established to facilitate collaboration among the many worldwide pediatric stroke communities.
Implementing the changes that will effectively bring the awareness, knowledge, and research leading to the urgent improvements needed for children who have been impacted by stroke
  • Provide medically vetted information and resources on all aspects of pediatric stroke.
  • Spearhead and create awareness and education campaigns in partnership with physicians, healthcare professionals, and advocacy partners.
  • Address the areas where improvement is urgently needed:
    • Changing the mindset of front-line providers to think of stroke as a "diagnosis of exclusion" -- no matter what age the patient is
    • Providing access to telemedicine
    • Developing regional centers of excellence for pediatric stroke
    • Educating pediatric medical specialists
    • Providing family and social support and education
    • Expanding the next generation of pediatric stroke researchers and clinical program directors by increasing funding for pediatric stroke training
Leadership Team
• Comprised of pediatric neurologists, medical specialists, advocacy organization leaders, individuals and parents of children impacted by stroke.
• Partnered with the International Pediatric Stroke Study, an internationally renowned group of neurologists and scientists who are increasing the understanding of perinatal and childhood stroke.
• Our mission is proudly supported by leading pediatric neurologists and all of our information is approved by the physicians on our board.
Looking Ahead
Research for pediatric stroke is historically under-supported and under-funded. This severely limits the ability to investigate important aspects of pediatric stroke, such as new treatments, factors influencing the quality of life of survivors, and causes and prevention of pediatric stroke. The first critical step in achieving more research is to educate and raise awareness that strokes can happen in babies, children and before birth.
How IAPS Can Help
Support and encourage the development of research in pediatric stroke by:
  • Funding young investigators who have leading-edge ideas for improving the lives of young stroke survivors.
  • Urging health care policy makers to dedicate research funding for the prevention, treatment and causes of pediatric stroke.
  • Seeking grants, sponsorships and philanthropic assistance.
Please see our How You Can Help page to see how you can be a part of this mission to make a difference for these children!

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